The Safe Way to Take Down Your Outdoor Holiday Lighting

With the holiday season (sadly) coming to an end, many homeowners in Atlanta are beginning to make preparations to dismantle their outdoor holiday light displays.

If taking down the holiday lights outside your home is on your to-do list this weekend, you’ll want to ensure that you get the job done safely. Here are a few tips from the Atlanta outdoor lighting experts that can help make the process a bit more stress-free.

Make Sure Weather Conditions Are Favorable

Make sure you keep an eye on the forecast. Atlanta has been hit with a lot of strangely cold winter weather as of late, including wind and rain, which means you’re better off just waiting for another day to take down your outdoor holiday lighting.

Winter is a particularly injury-prone time of year, leading many people to trip or fall while taking down outdoor holiday lighting due to poor weather conditions. Don’t let it happen to you!

Do The Job During The Day

While you may be tempted to see the lights shining one more time at night, it’s best to accomplish the task of taking down your lighting during daylight hours. Additionally, you should make sure that all of your lights are unplugged before you start taking them down and packing them away.

Gear up

If you’re planning on removing lights from your roof, you will definitely need some protective gear to get the job done safely.

The materials along your roof lines are extremely harsh and often produce jagged edges with rough textures. In order to avoid scrapes and cuts, try wearing some protective gear like heavy-duty boots and gloves.

Make it a Two Person Task

Having some assistance will make the task of taking down your holiday lights significantly more easy and safe. It’s always beneficial to have the help of someone who can catch objects if they happen to fall and spot a ladder. It’s also useful to have a second pair of eyes to catch any potential hazards while you work.

Store Your Lighting Away Properly

Once you’ve fully taken down your outdoor lighting, make sure that they are in working condition before placing lights safely in a container for storage. You should always keep them somewhere that pets and children won’t be able to access, such as an attic or high on a garage shelf.

Bring in the professionals

If you don’t have the necessary tools or available time needed to take down holiday lights on your own, hiring an outdoor lighting professional will help get the job done quickly while alleviating a significant amount of stress.

Not only does NightVision offer incredible outdoor holiday lighting displays during the season, but we also help disassemble your display when the season is over. Contact us today for more information!

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