Holiday Yard Lighting and Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas

Have you ever considered installing some fabulous Holiday yard lighting, or maybe some outdoor Christmas lighting to brighten up your yard and deck during the holiday season? Sure, you might only use it at that time of year, but what about Thanksgiving – or any occasion where you might have a party outside in your yard.

There are many different celebrations during the holiday period: Christmas, Hanukkah and even the new celebration of Kwanzaa. Some people like to celebrate throughout the entire Advent period, and there are also New Year and the Chinese New Year later in January/February – Jan 28 in 2017!

Outdoor Christmas Lighting

If you are having a party or just some guests over for a barbecue or just to chill out in your yard, some beautiful seasonal lighting would brighten the whole event up. These events always seem to be livelier and more enjoyable with bright lights in amazing colors! You could have traditional outdoor Christmas lighting or some other form of holiday yard lighting.

NightVision will not only install your outdoor Christmas lighting for you, but we will also take it down and store it for next time. Our professional lighting experts will be able to advise you on the best form of deck or yard lighting for your holiday celebrations. Think of all the trouble and bother that will save you!

It’s bad enough trying to unravel the tree lights, get out all the tangles from the wires and then check which bulbs are responsible if they don’t switch on. You will be very lucky if you have never experienced the holiday ritual of ‘find the broken bulb’ and then have to find a good one to replace it!

Holiday Yard Lighting

You can avoid all of the hassle by having us provide your holiday yard lighting or outdoor Christmas lighting. If you like, it can be installed just before Thanksgiving and taken down after the last celebration of the Holidays period. We install and take the yard lighting down, then will also store it for you till next time. So you don’t even need to keep storage space available for it!

Outdoor lighting can make a big difference to your barbecues and outdoor parties. There are virtually no limits to the type and colors of lighting we can install. We can festoon individual trees in your yard with traditional colored lighting units or bulbs, just like a large Christmas tree. We can light up wreathes fitted to the exterior of your home, and use accent lighting round your doors, windows and eaves so your entire home is lit up.

If you prefer something more subdued, beautifully colored lighting can be used to decorate your deck and the area around your barbecue at night. It can be installed for as long or short a time as you wish. Many of our clients prefer their house to sparkle with light. Your neighbors will be impressed, and may also be a bit jealous of you. People love seeing this type of lighting display during the Holiday season.

Design Your Own Holiday Outdoor Lighting

You can design your own look using any of our entire range of lighting systems. Unlike purchasing outdoor Christmas lighting units from a retail store, you are not restricted in lighting design. We will work with you to give you exactly what you want for your yard – or even your entire home. We specialize in outdoor lighting, so our lighting fixtures are the best and best quality you can get. No hunting the broken light bulb with us!

We can also help you cut costs because we purchase our fitments in bulk, thus reducing prices. NightVision has won the Consumer’s Choice Award every year since the award was introduced in 2011. That means that we are the only company to have won the award! Consumers prefer NightVision over all other outdoor lighting companies.

Contact us now so that you can amaze your guests this Holiday period. Light up your home and yard to display their best features in the best possible way. Use our services, and your outdoor party will go with a bang – not your light bulbs! Our holiday yard lighting is completely reliable and we can turn your outdoor Christmas lighting ideas into reality!