Holiday Lighting – It’s Not Just For Christmas Anymore

Even if it is not quite time to put up Christmas lights yet, there are still plenty of lighting options you can consider. Holiday lighting means just that: holiday. It is not limited to Christmas and can be used for anything you celebrate. There are orange lights for Halloween, pastel lights for Easter, and great colors for many different times of the year. You can also look for more than just colors, as light strings with shapes and designs are also becoming more popular. You will find plenty of choices if you look carefully, so you can get just the right thing to help you celebrate.

Holiday Lighting - It's Not Just For Christmas Anymore [infographic]

Where to Place Holiday Lights

Where you plan to celebrate your holiday will have a significant effect on what type of lights you use. Indoor and outdoor lighting are very different in what they offer and what they require.

For celebrating Christmas, many homeowners choose traditional outdoor string lights. If you are ambitious, you may add additional lights or illuminated decorations. While most string lights are intended for outdoor use, always check to be sure. Some lights are made for hanging indoors—on a tree or around a window. Never use indoor lights outdoors, or you could risk an outage, a fire, or even injuries.

If you are going to be having an outdoor get-together for another holiday—Easter and the Fourth of July tend to have outdoor party weather—you can be more creative with your outdoor lighting options. You may want something more than string lights. Consider hanging lanterns, rope lights, or even colored lights in your existing landscape lighting fixtures. Just be sure that you get lights that are designed for outdoor applications. If you choose lights that are indoor only, you may find that they do not hold up well to outdoor weather conditions.

Using Outdoor Lights

Avoid risk from your lights—and damage to them —by purchasing lights that are designed for where you will use them. That way, you will not end up with lights that do not work the way you want them to. Some lights are rated for both indoor and outdoor applications. They are an excellent choice because you can use them anywhere without worrying about whether they are safe. The last thing you want to do while you are celebrating your holiday and having fun is to worry about your lights working correctly.

In most cases, lights rated for outdoor use do just fine indoors. But the opposite does not hold. Lights rated for indoor use should never be used outdoors. In almost every case, outdoor lights should be rated for wet locations. Lights rated for wet locations can stand up to all sorts of precipitation. Some outdoor lights are rated for damp locations. Only use these if you are 100% sure that the lights will never be in the direct path of water. Damp-rated fixtures are intended for bathrooms and laundry rooms, where the air is moist, but water never splashes on them. They may be adequate for a very well sheltered porch area or sunroom. But they won’t work in even a covered area if wind or snow may blow onto them.

A growing Holiday Lighting Market

With more people showing interest in lights for holidays other than Christmas, the market for holiday lights, in general, is growing. That is good news for companies that manufacture and sell lights. But it’s also good news for people who want to buy lights that are unique, different, or that showcase a holiday that is important to them. Every holiday—from New Year’s Eve to Easter, the Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas—is better with some beautiful lighting. There are also plenty of options for non-Christian holidays and holidays celebrated by one or more religious or ethnic groups.

Whatever you celebrate, there should be a light available for you. If you cannot find the exact lighting that you want, get creative. With so many lighting options, you have a whole pallet of shapes and colors you can use to create your unique design. The more you explore lighting options, the better opportunity you have to add to your holiday lighting collection. If you appreciate outdoor lighting, there are holidays throughout the year when you can showcase your love for light. Impress your family, friends, and neighbors with the beautiful displays you create. It’s never a bad time for some creative outdoor lighting.