How to Bring in the Season with Commercial Holiday Lighting

If you are considering commercial holiday lighting for your business, there are a lot of options you can choose from. No matter what you pick, though, you want to make sure you bring in the season in a way you are comfortable with. Your customers will probably be expecting a holiday lighting display, as well. If you do things too early, people are tired of the lighting by the time the actual holiday arrives. If you wait too long, it seems like an afterthought. That is why timing is crucial – and a big part of that timing is based on when you get started creating your holiday light display.

1). Start Early

Even if you are not planning on turning on the lights until much closer to the holiday, it can take time to get all the lights put up and tested to make sure they are ready to go. If you start early, you will be ready when it is time to light up your business. Whether you put the lights up yourself or hire a company to handle the work for you, starting early is beneficial. If you are hiring a decorating company, that company may be booked up as the holiday gets closer. You do not want to miss out because you waited too long.

2). Be Prepared for Maintenance

Maintenance matters, and there will be some maintenance even with the best quality commercial holiday lighting installation. You want to be clear on who is handling maintenance and whether they are on call or will only address issues during certain times. That way you can plan ahead, and you will know whether to call to have lights changed or other issues corrected. You can also do your own maintenance if you choose to, as long as the display is small enough and the lights accessible enough for you to be able to keep up with any maintenance needs.

3). Consider Something Unique

One of the greatest ways to bring in the season when it comes to commercial holiday lighting is to do something unique. That does not mean that you get too far off from what people expect, but that you put your own “spin” on the traditional holiday lighting options. Consider some extra color, or a display that provides something not seen from other commercial properties in the area. As long as your display looks good and does not offend anyone, you may get a lot of great publicity from having a unique holiday display. That can mean a lot more customers, and a better holiday season for your company.

4). Have a party

If you really want to get customers involved in bringing in the season with you, it may be time to have a lighting party. That way, you can “throw the switch” on the holiday lighting display with a crowd there to see it and enjoy it right from the beginning. Offering coffee and cocoa, cookies and muffins, and other types of snacks, along with some small prizes or giveaways, can make your holiday lighting ceremony into an event to be remembered.