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Outdoor Holiday Lighting

When the weather gets cold and days get short, you know it can’t be long until the holiday season settles in. Everyone gets a little bit nicer as we all cozy up in our favorite sweaters sipping our favorite holiday drinks. For many, it’s their favorite time of the year. All around you, the world is transforming into a visual display of holiday cheer. Of course, a big part of that is residential holiday lighting, the festive sparkling lights that pop up on houses all over the neighborhood. Whether you prefer a subtle touch of shimmering white light or an astonishing display of thousands of colored lights, there is no question that residential holiday lighting is an essential part of the holiday season.

When it comes to outdoor holiday lighting, there are almost as many options as there are people. Everyone has their own holiday style. Some homeowners choose to stay simple. Just a few lights will suffice. For others, a more ambitious display may be in order. In addition to lighting your home, if you have a front yard with trees or a fence, you have plenty of opportunities to show your holiday spirit. Many homeowners choose to decorate trees with spiraled rope lights. Bushes can easily be lit with net lighting. Fences can be decorated with lights, bows, wreaths, or any combination of those.

Residential holiday lighting should be as unique as you are. So don’t worry about keeping up with the Joneses. This holiday season, choose the lighting that expresses your uniqueness. Light up this dark time of year with some holiday joy.

Outdoor Christmas Light Installation

Although many people will agree that residential holiday lighting is a highlight of the holiday season, outdoor Christmas light installation can be a drag. Each year, thousands of holiday do-it-yourselfers end up in emergency rooms with decorating-related injuries. Watching someone tumble off of a ladder or slip on an ornament may be a staple of Hollywood holiday comedies. But when it happens in real life, it can put an instant damper on your festive spirit.

The most important part of residential holiday lighting is to make sure that your outdoor Christmas light installation is safe. The most common injuries are the result of slips and falls off of ladders. So make sure you follow some simple ladder safety guidelines.

Residential Holiday Lighting and Ladder Safety

First, make sure that your ladder is secure before you start to climb. Winter may bring muddy or slippery ground, which is no good for your ladder. Make sure that your ladder is on firm ground and won’t slip out from under you.

Next, wear sensible shoes. It’s amazing how often people make sure that their ladder is gripping the ground but overlook how their shoes are gripping the ladder. Ideally, wear some work boots. If you don’t have those, wear sneakers or another shoe with a good grip. Make sure your hands can hold firm to the ladder, too. Try to work without gloves. If you have to wear gloves, make sure they aren’t made of a slippery material. Leather and faux leather are great if you have them.

Finally, follow the directions printed on your ladder. Most ladders have a warning not to stand on the top rung or two. They are not made to support your weight. And if your feet are on the top rung, your hands have nothing to hold onto to steady yourself. Practice ladder safety and you have a much better chance of avoiding the E.R. this holiday season.

Christmas Light Hanging Service

If you don’t want the bother and potential hazard of installing residential holiday lighting, you have other options. NightVision Outdoor Lighting offers an annual Christmas light hanging service. We take care of everything, from start to finish.

The first time you use our residential holiday lighting service, we’ll start by creating your ideal design. We’ll talk about your style, your needs, and your budget. Together, we will create a plan that reflects your unique holiday spirit.

Once we have agreed on a design, we can get to work on the installation. We’ll purchase all of the necessary lights, extension cords, and anything else your plan may require. We’ll make sure that everything is installed safely and up to code, so you don’t have to worry about blown circuits or overloaded lights. We’ll do all of the hanging for your residential holiday lighting. You can feel confident that with over 15 years of experience and thousands of jobs completed, your residential holiday lighting will look amazing.

When the season is over, we’ll take care of the most dreaded part of residential holiday lighting, the takedown. We’ll take down all of your holiday lights in a timely manner. Once the lights are removed, we will pack everything neatly–no more tangled lights–and store it in our own facilities. When the next holiday season rolls around, we’ll have everything we need to install your residential holiday lighting again.

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